Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation

The Exhibition

Curated by Dimitrina Sevova

8 October-8 November 2005

Center for Contemporary Art "Ancient Baths"/"Bania Starinna", Plovdiv, Bulgaria and two further locations in town: billboard at the corner Blvd “6-i septemvri”/Main Street; installations in the main hall of the central train station.

This page is a work in progress. Visual and sound material is continuously being added.

Last updated: 2005-12-26

Dimitrina Sevova - curator of the project

Curatorial Statement


Nike Ground

Video installation and 6 digital prints, 2003.

Florian Agalliu, and Eri Daka (LK47)

Tirana-Prishtina 385 km: Escaping the Matrix

Three-screen video installation with comfortable sitting area, 2005.

Ursula Biemann

Contained Mobility

Synchronized double screen video installation, DVD 20 min., 2004.

Pauline Boudry / Brigitta Kuster / Renate Lorenz (k_b_l)

copy me – i want to travel

Video film between documentary and fiction, 68 min., 2004.

Film about the Bulgarian copy of the Apple II computer, produced in Pravetz, reverse engineering, the green card and women in this business.

The Centre of Attention

Magazine No. 2 and 3

3 video compilations (No. 2-1, 50 min., 2002; No. 2-2, 40 min., 2002; No. 3, 60 min., 2003).

The Centre of Attention Magazine shows a “best of” through images of recent shows and performances, art videos and BBC interviews.

Věra Chytilová (1929-) and her fans

Sedmikrásky (Daisies)

Feature film, 74 min., 1966. Downloaded and reassembled in small bits coming from the computers of her wired fans across the world via the shared peer-to-peer networks.

David Crawford

Stop Motion Studies – Series 13

Video film installed on the electronic advertising panel in the main hall of the central train station in Plovdiv, 7 min., 2004.

Alexandra Croitoru

Powerplay – Untitled and ROM Series

4 digital prints on canvas, 2004; 5 digital prints, 2004.

Guy-Ernest Debord and his fans

The Society of the Spectacle

Feature film, 87 min., 1973. Downloaded and reassembled in small bits coming from the computers of his wired fans across the world via the shared peer-to-peer networks.

Maria Draghici; sound: William S. Burroughs, No More Stalins, No More Hitlers, 1989

hope & nostalgy

Flash animation, comparative view between an Eastern European family archive and Western professional photographs, 2004.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mixed-media installation with a computer server with hardware and software specifi ally produced by Etoy, telephone installation, 2002.

Nadia Genova


Interactive mixed-media installation, electric light and sound, 2005.

Rumen Zhekov

Self-criticism – Pure Image, Quotation, Fake

Selected piece of original wall of the exhibition space, its digital print reproduction and its hand-painted copy on canvas, each 300 x 150 cm, 2005.

Oliver Kielmayer

WeAreTheArtists: Get Real!

Mixed-media installation with a specific space, text and a selection of unfinished or abandoned videos, 2005. Included in the selection are videos by Gernot Wieland, Aleksander Komarov, Irina Botea, Enisa Cenaliaj, Christina Hemauer, Susanne Kriemann, Petra Maitz, Irene Weingartner, Kunstfly, Philippe Winninger, Ursula Palla, Aurelio Kopainig and Paulina Egle Pukyte.

Athanasia Kyriakakos

Dreams-World: Work in progress

Video installation with selected videos, 2001-2005.

Rudi Maier

that’s revolution – ads & revolt

Specific thematic selection by the author of 30 digital prints of ads from 1967-today.

Karin Michalski

Pashke & Sofia

(video film between documentary and fiction, 28 min., 2003) and

Monika M.

(documentary video portrait, 20 min., 2003)

Emil Miraztchiev

Made in EU

Mixed-media installation, actual working bar, oversize teddy bear, objects, video interviews plus performance, 2005.

Monochrom & Georg Paul Thomann (Johannes Grenzfurthner & Günther Friesinger)

Who shot Immanence? – On The Dynamics Of Appropriation And Intervention In The Work Of Georg Paul Thomann

(video film, 2002) and

The Funeral of Georg Paul Thomann

(video film, 2005)

Mixed-media installation with 2 video films and digital prints.

Oliver Musovik


Collection of 4 postcards with Musovikian flags selected from a flash animation, 2005. Cf. the info section of the exhibition space.

Vlad Nanca

30 years of social history

(video animation, 4’45’’, 2004) and

The Flags

(2 objects, real-size flags, 2004)

Dorel Naste

Daily Stories 1-3

3 short video films installed on the electronic advertising panel in the main hall of the central train station in Plovdiv, respectively 26’’, 24’’ and 30’’, 2004.

Nebudu group (Borjana Ventzislavova, Mladen Penev, Miroslav Ničić)

Tabula rasa

Digital print/billboard installed in the central city space at the corner “6-i septemvri”/main street, 2004.

Sexismus Productions (Gaby Baldinger, Sabina Baumann, Lilian Räber)

Retrospective 1999-2002

of video performances, public actions, documents and objects: Second Hand, Testosterone for All, Neosexism, Piss Police, S-C-U-M

Selection from the

Shedhalle archive

Documentation in DVD format with a focus on the 1980s protests and riots in Zurich against the funding of the opera house, and for free, non-commercial spaces for the production and presentation of independent art and culture.

Mirjam Wirz

Free West Copy East Trade – Shifts in the Flow of Information

(photo installation, 2004-2005),

Auto Portraits – Collective and Alternative Initiatives In Vilnius At This Moment

(photo installation, 2004-2005) and

Daily Conversations – Recorded

(compilation of video interviews, 2005)

The Yes Men

The Yes Men

(video, 83 min., 2005),

The Horribly Stupid Stunt (Which Resulted in His Untimely Death)

(video, 23’39’’, 2001),

Smokey the Log

(video, 3’20’’, 2004),

New Ice Age?

(video, 1’44’’, 2004),

Up Came Oil!

(video, 3’03’’, 2004)

Video installation and one digital print, 2004-2005.

Artur Żmijewski

KR WP (Representative Guards of the Polish Army)

Video film, 7’50”, 2000/2001.

Tim Zulauf

Eat Police, Eat ID

Video, 23’20”, 2003 (new editing 2005, with English subtitles).