code flow museum

The Museum

The code flow museum is a space hosted and maintained by code flow, restoring and conserving historical and important Web projects and Web-based artworks that have lost their original space, and ensuring that they continue to be accessible to interested viewers and researchers. [read on...]

Blind Dating Technology [added 2006-04-10]

2000-11-03 - 2000-11-07: Online project curated by Iliyana Nedkova for Medi@terra 2000, International Art and Technology Festival & Symposium, NEO [TECHNO] LOGISMs, in Athens, Greece.

Designing the Future State of Balkania [added 2006-04-08; updated 2006-04-10]

1999-10-17 - 1999-10-23: Designing the Future State of Balkania was one of four workshops curated by Geert Lovink in the context of his project TEMP, a Temporary Media Lab at Kiasma, Museum for Contemporary Arts Helsinki, Finland, from 8 October to 14 November 1999.

The Question of Conservation

There are a number of questions around the conservation of Web-based art works and projects. They range from problems with browser compatibility to Flash movies playing faster than they used to, and include broken links to external pages and absolute links to other pages within the same site. [read on...]