code flow timeline of past events... 2005

Fake Poster"Fake", aka "Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation"

7 October 2005: Opening of the project "Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation" at the Center of Contemporary Art "Ancient Baths", Plovdiv. International exhibition (until 2005-11-08), three-day theoretical symposium with strong international participation (2005-10-08 till 2005-10-10).

Fake Announcement Poster for Collaborative Practices"Collaborative Practices" @ Shedhalle

Our collaboration with the Art Today Association (from Communication Front to "Critique of Pure Image - Between Fake and Quotation") is at the center of code flow's contribution to the project and exhibition Polyphony - Collaborative Practices, Part 2
22 April-15 May 2005 at Shedhalle, Zurich

KonsequenZ CoverPresentation of the "KonsequenZ" book

8 April 2005 at Les Complices, Zurich

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