code flow timeline of past events... 1999-2004

KonsequenZ CoverKonsequenZ - the Book

In December 2004 we published our second book KonsequenZ - which includes CFront Ending by Dimitrina Sevova: a key text for us, with thoughts on what has changed in the art context and the East-West discourse since the 90s and on how to cope with the new situation.

... and you'll find the "KonsequenZ book online as PDF, and almost all parts also in HTML, on the KonsequenZ@code-flow site.

Exchanging Places

2001: ... with Dimitrina Sevova's work "In Someone Else's Skin".

Communication Front et al.

1999-2002: You'll find some of our older projects, including the three editions of the international project for media art and theory Communication Front, and the Communication Front - Crossing Points East West book, on the CFront site.

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