code flow museum

Some Background on the Museum

The code flow museum is a space hosted and maintained by code flow, restoring and conserving historical and important Web projects and Web-based artworks that have lost their original space, and ensuring that they continue to be accessible to interested viewers and researchers. In the context of ongoing debates around virtual museums, many models of museums have been proposed. It is not our intention to start out with our own definition here. Rather, by hosting projects that have disappeared from their original space, we would like to raise questions around the conservation of Web works by approaching them through concrete steps towards their conservation.

More and more, collective projects, temporary media labs and other Web works remain online long after their inception - but especially in the early days of Web projects, some great stuff tended to disappear soon after the project is over. More often than not, this was the case with projects temporarily supported by a major institution, which offered a portion of its own Web space for the duration of the project, but did not integrate the results of the project in its own Web structure and soon took this portion offline.

We are launching the code flow museum with one project in which code flow participated, long before code flow came into existence: Designing the Future State of Balkania.