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Blind Dating Technology

2000-11-03 - 2000-11-07: Online project curated by Iliyana Nedkova for Medi@terra 2000, International Art and Technology Festival & Symposium, NEO [TECHNO] LOGISMs, in Athens, Greece.
The project includes six web/net art works by six women artist from and anti doc generation from Bulgaria :: [Antoanetta [aus/bg]; Maria Berova [bg]; Anna_bo [bg]; Dimitrina Sevova [bg]; Zornitsa Sofia [bg]; Vania Valkova /v.v/ [bg]]. web design of the site: v.v The artists have rushed to their blind date with creative technology throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the unrequited passions, serendipities, ditchings, Valentine gifts and flourishing love affairs.The old term ’dating’ - referring to a past century practice in which a boy asked a girl out for the evening and took her to the movies or dinner - in the year 2000 is deader than ’proletariat’, ’pornography’ or ’perversion’ - as Tom Wolfe would argue in his book of essays and novella ’Hooking Up’ (Jonathan Cape, London 2000). However, the BLIND DATING TECHNOLOGY project is not concerned with the new urban breed of dating whereby girls and boys head out in packs in the evening hoping to meet each other fortuitously.Then, if some girl liked the looks of some boy, she would give him the nod and the two of them would retire to a halfway private room and ’hook up’.

Location History

The original location of the Web site of the online project Blind Dating Technology was <>. It seems to have been hosted, for some time in 2001 at least, at <>. This site has since disappeared. Unfortunately, although code flow, having assisted the programmer of the site, was once in possession of the full site, the data died some years ago with the hard disk it was on. All that remained on a different hard disk was one of the works, A Room of One's Own by Dimitrina Sevova, as well as the HTML part of two pages, found in two different e-mails from the time, which we included in the code flow museum 2006-05-10. We will make efforts to contact other participants in the project to reconstruct the full site of the project.

Site Overview

Currently, the only work that is complete is A Room of One's Own by Dimitrina Sevova

The original main page - unfortunately without its graphical elements at this point, since only the HTML portion was preserved

An unmodified version of the above site, with no conservatorial intervention, can be found here

Further Information

Iliyana Nedkova spoke about her experience with this project at the Baltic Seminar at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, 10-12 May 2001.