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Jungle World 13/2007A review of the Venice Biennale by code flow

2007-06-13: Our review of Robert Storr's exhibition at the Venice Biennale was published in Jungle World, Issue No. 24, 13 June 2007 (in German).

IDEA 25/2006Interview with Katharina Schlieben and Sønke Gau, Curatorial Team of Shedhalle

2007-05-31: This interview with the curatorial team of Shedhalle by code flow is featured in Issue #25/2006 of IDEA Magazine, pp. 86-93, in Romanian and English. IDEA Magazine is based in Cluj, Romania. (HTML version) This specific issue of IDEA Magazine participates in the Documenta 12 Magazines project.

art marginsCuratorship, Culture and the Public: Curatorial Practice in the Post-Soviet Age (Part I & Part II)

by Allan Siegel

2007-05-08: In an e-mail interview by Allan Siegel, Dimitrina Sevova and other curators give their view on the conditions of curating in an East European context in the post-Soviet age.

Vector 03/2006Pessimism no more - Exoticism is Everywhere.

Back to Reality, or Micro-approaches for handling institutional matrices in the local art context

2007-05-03: This text by Dimitrina Sevova on art and its institutions in the Bulgarian and Romanian contexts is featured in Issue #03/2006 of Vector Magazine, in Romanian (pp. 187-195) and English (pp. 196-203). Vector Magazine is based in Iasi, Romania. (HTML version) This specific issue of Vector Magazine participates in the Documenta 12 Magazines project.

WeAreTheArtists No. 9Update: Belgrade "Unlimited"

2006-12-09: Article by Dimitrina Sevova on a top-level art event, the East European art world system, socialist heritage and a peculiar "Inner Museum", as witnessed on the spot at the October Salon 2006 in Belgrade, Serbia, published in WeAreTheArtists No. 9 (January-April 2007). For your convenience, here is an HTML version of the article.

WeAreTheArtists No. 9Полови игрички

2006-11: Статия Полови игрички на Димитрина Севова за изложбата "Гей шик" - един хетеросексуален тренд във висшето училище по изкуство и дизайн в Цюрих, публикувана в сп. Интро, ноември 2006.

WeAreTheArtists No. 8Update: Bulgaria

2006-08-31: Article by Dimitrina Sevova on how the boom on the international art market reverberates between the smoking guns of street fights of local mafia gangs and the wishes of the local art scene, published in WeAreTheArtists No. 8 (August-December 2006). (HTML version)

Umelec 2/20062006-06-16:

Sparks from the Interaction of Art and Politics in Zurich

by Dimitrina Sevova

published in Umělec, 2/2006 (English, German and Czech editions)

WeAreTheArtists No. 7Dizzyland Article(s)

2006-04-21: Article by code flow on Dizzyland published in WeAreTheArtists No. 7 (May-July 2006), and a complementary view on this video prize by Dimitrina Sevova here.

KonsequenZ Cover2004:

Konsequenz - the Book


CFront Ending

by Dimitrina Sevova

a key text for us, with thoughts on what has changed in the art context and the East-West discourse since the 90s and on how to cope with the new situation.

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